heard me?

Explain for me if you please

Why it is I speak Japanese

Every time I open my mouth

Your eyes seem to float down south

I am only asking you

Cuz you say that I’m your boo

But when I say what’s on my mind

It’s like I’m speaking double time

You say I’m your queen

But I’ve never seen

The wall of concrete

That your mind secretes

Each time that you see my lips part

Pouring out what’s in my heart

Impenetrable is this thing

Anxiety, misery, and anger are what it brings

Bouncing them off the two of us

Then one of us decides to cuss

Silence overshadows the next few days

As we think of interesting ways

To remember why we’re together

Then one of us says whatever

Passionate sugaring, love filled delights

Wanting to serve you with all my might

Thinking now that all the concrete has flowed

And your understanding is more easily shown

I begin again on my plight

Putting you in your place

Anger’s replaced then erased

And a tender aura engulfs

My words and loving are like handcuffs

Stroking your memory

Reminding you that we

Need this closeness

Downright verboseness

Together we’ll stay

United deeper in every way

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