take it easy

naughty ramblings

slower it is the more natural and deeper the experience

why does our friction need to have a drastic ambiance

rushing, biting, fussing, fighting, forcing intense release

only slow grinds for this girl…. please

blooming with passion, but your hurried actions

hinders my attraction, setting back the interaction

between you and I so I try to ignite

the parts so deep only you excite

invoking in me a thunderous glee

that I only see when intertwined our hearts be

short simmered, bubbling, pulsating, tight gripping hot embraces

draining lovesplosions…flushed faces

retracting in passion, tender skin tracing

inhaled exchange of essence, gentle tongue lacing

mental orgasms deep waves in our souls

each of us knowing the other’s in control

mold my heart through the part

that most resembles a work of art

greatest of ease, with tantric expertise

love me slowly if you please

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