Why can’t I see my baby

This glass is in my eyes

Why don’t I hear my baby

For he has yet to cry

What happened to my baby?

My baby bumped his head

What are you trying to tell me

Ma’am your baby is dead

Family instructed the staff to stay mum

Carelessly enraged needing to release some

Blurted out the news, passed on this information

As if you were selling me an inexpensive vacation

Oh this news, this horrific confirmation

Burned through my soul

So you gave me medication

Strongest love, mother to her offspring

Had no clue what reaction this news might bring

Higher in your heads was the hurt that would ring

Delivering punishment for your idea of what’s going on

Unbeknownst to you, the culprit tried isn’t really the one who’s wrong

All I kept asking them for was the tapes

The ones that show the person during and on the escape

Whose bumper to bumper caused the most horrific rape

Of any loving family on the interstate

Guilt ridden prayers from a place so deep

For I am awake and you are asleep

Dove into His bed when you bumped your head

Lives, hearts, heads spread because you’re “DEAD”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this piece explains how i found out my children passed away....

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