I'll do it

my mouth was full of wisdom, that flowed straight from my soul

the knowledge was so old it rotted its stronghold

but only at the tip for it was intact at the root

but the pain that came with it forced this yapper down to mute

my wisdom ran so deep these teeth are just so long

if i made any mistakes i couldn't say i wasn't wrong

for i know that with the thoughts that just flow from in my head

i would be misunderstood as my actions are misread

until the day i opened up and i began to tell the tale

of the day that i first noticed raven hair was turning pale

from fear from life from tears, from strife familiar on their tone

just can't can't keep on playing a girl when i know that i am grown

i pressed on moving forward and i bit down on the plate

to taste the cake that helps me live achieving all that's great

i smile approaching love and i feel the joy again

and i finally let go of every lying faking friend

i hold on to my dear family as we adjust our way

standing here together as my Lord makes it ok

no longer numb from hurtnow the opposite is true

and i can finally get into what came on earth to do

positivty in life is the circle that i choose

and as long as i stay in it, there's no way i'll ever lose

i am stepping out on faith can't see me breaking no more teeth

cuz my wisdom is the thing that helps these lungs to breathe

so i'm spilling out my heart and i'm pouring out my soul

with a smile upon my face because i'm gonna reach my goal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my wisdom tooth rotted from the inside out, but the tooth only, from me cleching my mouth shut with the sweetness i refused to share....but no more

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