We breathe we breakdown reemerging as deadly winds blow

We inhale ourselves applying a deeper blockage to growth

We live these meaningless existences looking for purpose

Excavating lessons that are sitting on the surface

Choking our selves full of pain and transgressions

Many of us still never find all the lessons

Begging forgiveness trying to go on

Still stepping blindly deducing all wrong

The differences we see between this and that

These issues we live they swell pain real fat

Situations we suffer are often discussed

No words to describe them so we’re prompted to cuss

Disgruntled and bitter when we don’t see why

We’re told so young to focus on the sky

How seldom we listen looking below

Going against all these staples of truth that we know

Taught the world to sing but what are we saying

Turned our backs to the sky when we die we’ll be laying

Facing our congestions we added to the mix

We left to this universe that we try to fix

Author's Notes/Comments: 

pondering breathing, death, exhaling, talking, living, evolution, reincarnation, just thinking...

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