Continuous dance

5 tiny fingers and 5 little toes,

stretched out to reach infinity and exude a precious glow

weight of love that shifts..... to embrace a fluid movement

love like water flowing free to showcase an improvement

last generations stomp is this generations smile

transferred from face to face each adult into a child

or is it child into adult i forget so watching is fun

rewinding this dance over again just to see how it begun

growing and growing and showing a pure nature that words cannot describe

but a glimpse into a grand choreography that always shares the vibe

once cradled close, as their tiny bodies curled

now released far and wide reaching out to touch the world

eagerly expressing the purest form of how to prance

sharing all the feelings involved in expression of the dance

it flows through everyone of us as we reciprocate

breathing life through our eyes as thos movements radiate...

air, life, love, skill, smiles, progression, history and light

we'll  watch, dream, .....project back and forth through creative sight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about life, about movement, about dance, about expectations about creative evolution.....

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