picking up strays

i once met a man in another state

to everything i said this man could relate

his life had been rich with hardships and pain

his life he transformed to get out of the rain

this man had my mind and my thoughts and my heart

he said the right things and these legs he did part

don't know why i let this old scoundrel come in

and rip out the healing from hurt and from sin

he touched me as deep as his tool would allow

i didn't catch on to his plan until now

to run interference in faith and in love

insuring that i could not rise above

invisble glass ceilings were placed in my way

and acquaintances came to guide me astray

to wrap me in lust and place me in hands

that would pull me back down with sexy demands

why don't i resist those gorgeous blue eyes

why don't i understand to succeed, you must try

why can't i let go of the memories sublime

why can't i remember what happened last lifetime

it hasn't been worthy of all my disgust

believing no man even ME i can't trust

available and open to helping another

even if it means eternally i will be smothered

i sacrifice things that i truly need

never looking down to see if i bleed

I am torn i am broken yet i still absorb

the pangs of the past and the rep of a whore

a whore i am not a bitch some might say

but i can't be those things as much as i pray

and it's heard and it's answered i may be confused

being passed around freely just used and abused

a sponge to take shock a mat to walk over

just numbed by this life that i strive to "get over"

but i still see those eyes that once pierced my soul

that i must overcome to achieve all my goals

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