Life’s a b****; a big, fat, foul, over-weighted, loud mouthed, sarcastic, naive one at that

Replied Havoc online to Starshine’s ‘I hate life’ rant

All I could think of was wow that’s me

As I smiled in a deep yet ignorant glee

I embraced all these qualities so cheerful and proud

I nearly yelped the phrase out loud

So ghetto of me to feel such positive power from such a negative ring

All of these qualities that make me Miss Thing

Mother of life gripping her title

No opportunity to chill out or let these hands go idle

I am BIG, in persona and presence

Sit behind my screen and share my essence

Fat or shall I say PHAT in my allure and capture of your eye

One vision of my true heart keeps visitors coming by

Foul cuz I share the truth

Or is it cuz I have no couth

Over-weight in size and attachments to love

Well disguised by my gifts from above

Loud mouthed for all worthy thrills

And even while picking up the spills

Sarcastic from all these lessons learned

And still naïve cuz I keep getting burned

Pressing on past the problems forcing a path to progress

Thank goodness for all the ‘negative’ qualities I possess

Though they seem to make me a b**** to most

I’d say they make me better

They show that I am Strong, intoxicating persuasive, honest,

Persevering, loving,  intelligent, well versed

As well as an attention getter

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