wip 7/5/2009 advancing the game

eyes that capture images to store away for dreams

dreams that reveal the truth around the invisible seams

ears to make out and absorb the noises attached to the view

the way the journey ends is completely up to you

disengaged from the scenarios that drive us back and forth

in a way that that opens up the mind to absorb what has been taught

insightful of the ways that the heart can masquerade

leading the mental in an oval unashamed to be displayed

forgetting karma that remembers in a way that has a vengeance

the tide of joy overpowers all approaches and every entrance

in a place of purest positivity that surrounds and engulfs

remembering gratefulness and forgetting the pain and the sulks

for a time that intensity and blessings can only build on

drawing up close, nothing will ever replace that bond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

who am i,how do i deal, where's my head, what's next, why not, i'm blessed...lol

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