i'm bored...let me do you

why treat me like something to do

when you feel like you need to screw

your mentality on straight,

through intense sexuality that reverberates

from the edge of who you think i am

your idea of me is a sham

touching u watching me on cam

your fantasies manifest wham bam thanku ma'am

it's over before i know it's began

naive and caught up once again

by one of the many #1 fans

who thinks that only he can

why treat me like something to do

on the days that u've done all u can do

exhausted and oozing energy that's better used

trying to figure out why you're confused

why you feel you need to cuss

at my utter disapproval and disgust

deciphering the difference between beauty and lust

one day you will get it as all of us must

enjoy the sights and experience my highs

learn the reasons behind my cries

pay honest attention to my whys

without injecting your lies

why you treat me like something to do

when there's nothing else left to do

didn't you know i am more than you can chew

and then act like you're through?

too deep in the mind soul and heart

to ladylike to ever share my precious work of art

and that would be why i act so tart

seen too much stuff to want to start

being used like tissue wiped up and thrown away

or letting go of my beliefs and carelessly going astray

you being different from the rest doesn't make it okay

i am taking charge of me today

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