Frustration for this sticky situation

with all these complications keep me attached

double edged frills push me to detach

I care for you, it's no secret

and for my faithfulness I have no regrets

Well built, trained, educated and building my nerve

Cuz I recognize my blind love you do not deserve

My pure faithfulness keeps my urges on reserve

through my good actions, our relationship's preserved

you think I am wrapped up in you since no betrayals transpire

you think you inspire the fiery devotion that soothes your desire and other folks admire

all of me I give to you,

everyone else is invisible

simply because it was installed in me

that I should be

faithful to the person who I chose to be with me

self absorbed illusions you live

to think I am only worthy of the love you give

but I know that my love is OOOH

and when you get that through

your head will we both know that we've grown

Author's Notes/Comments: 

funnyman inspired

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