journey into the deep

naughty ramblings

i look in your eyes and i see a sea of warm arms and want encompassing me and i run to it and it invites me in to the durable smile that helps me to grin

and whisper my inner most desires as the ecstasy of our rough friction causes a momentum paralleled only by the big bang exploding us into a new universe with each individual contact we lose more control and react simply to the inclination that transforms to an intense knowing that the INSATIABILITY that exists between us is ours and ours alone….. though our physical interactions mirror those of many lovers it’s so much deeper than the others, that rather than to be seen and desired, it is simply admired for it’s depth that can only be endured by a heart that’s pure and a soul that’s cured and a mind that’s not easily lured swaying this way and that remembering not to forget that I seek but not remembering what finding each other and flying away again to absorb the shocks of euphoria completely each time just want to catch up to you in my prime to invite you to unite to generate an intensity of intimacy never before seen, or felt, or pondered……

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