Evil...wip 7/18/07

i been working 4 miss eve vail

and she's always on my tail

when she took over i wanted 2 quit

cuz of the poison she spits

disrespecting the prayers i give without ceasing

only giving me praise for increasing

the lies i tell sitting behind a screen

and complaints i give bout my hindered green

i went to see her to figure out

if she was ev-ail without a doubt

and she lived right up to her dastardly name

yelling insanity, playing her game

double talking in riddles only she can believe

over talking the truth she refused to recieve

she called herself evelyn

when she tried to slip within

the kind spot inside my heart

but her kindness was too tart

took me 2 long to catch on

she was the 1 and i did wrong

i rubbed elbows with evil once b4

and i couldn't recognize this rudely twisted score

of how i was supposed to be the one who was on top

of how i love God and he never serves slop

i quit this fight that isn't mine to throw even 1 punch

i pray that while i am on the grind 1 day i get some lunch

until then i salt up my wounds

and try to ruin

the spot from where i bend

slave driving my creativity until i am at the end

of my wit, of my string, of my road, i can't think

of anything but to run and then blink

hoping that she'll understand

that her position is not as grand

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