I was born in a crazy house and birthed in the hood

both actions are still painfully misunderstood

took alot of years to figure out that i don't fit

i want to run away but in this spot is where i sit

born again in to muck flying thru the shattered glass

never accepted though my wisdom is enough to teach a class

judged by people from a distance bout the way it all went down

so traumatic all i want to do is up and leave this town

run to where... is the question that i'm always prone to ask

run from where they lie cuz they will never get my past

seeing daily drives around the street don't tell you who i am

smoked a blunt with her, don't mean we down enough for you to ram

up in my body is where i see the truths i seldom want to share

since i am not so sure that those i tell will really care

what i'm saying on rhymes they hear and riddles undeciphered

digging deep to say that understandings there has helped them lift their lives up

so i stand and shout anyway about the episode that day

the one where the tooth deay caused my life to fray

change is the truth that is constant but never the same

accepting it with all my might is truly my aim

i guess i must be crazy, at least that is what they say

to handle the way change affects my life and still say it's okay!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am crazy prepared...lol

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