Stepping blind

Pleasure and happiness… include me in

So I can stop waiting for life to begin

Taking these steps to allow myself to grin

Hiding my smile waiting to be let in

Flooded with joy surrounded by peace

Finally got my routine at ease

Cleansing my life so my LORD can be pleased

And open the flood gates my blessings I’ll seize

Placed in my path are many choices

Correct ones are silent, pain has voices

Blinded by life I felt my way thru by the noises

Allowed myself to make the wrong choices

Wandered in the dark of silence far too long

Cried all the time thinking I chose wrong

Expressed intense disdain through song

Then realized it’s how I move on

The obscurity I faced

Has my purity misplaced

Yet intact, ready to be embraced

Since it won’t ever be erased

Standing and smiling I am guided

To the point where these light sensations have collided

To encounter the upliftment being provided

And heal inside out…glow with His Love and be invited

Included in this construction plan

That put together this woman and man

Surrounds us with immense surplus and

Centers us with a better way to understand

Apply His lessons and share

Show the world we know He cares

Even though at first they’ll stare

Confidence in their eyes will make them aware

That watching us won’t get them in

Gotta clean their lives of all the sin

Look a little deeper within

Then all our lives can begin

With pleasure and happiness for all…

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