figuring it out

Rolling up these notions and breaking down thoughts

Of why I am sitting here looking distraught

Remembering things that went on in my past

Hoping and praying that this pain will not last

It lashed me like steel and it ripped into my soul

And it has me here crying and filling these holes

So afraid of the method that runs in my veins

That I saw on that blessed day that it rained

Divine expression my comfort even to this day

I know that revenge does swell up and can feign

The real sense of truth I prone to deliver

So I pray not to be the giver of one sliver

I pick up my real gifts and throw that one away

Doesn’t help being nasty and it isn’t the way

To step up in this life and show love or to grow

And it’s not who I am, doesn’t fit in my goal

So I am here to step up

The times are getting tough

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