what's your fear?

Afraid to morph from I will be to I am

Or recognize that these lives are a sham

Dealing with distinct possibilities positive in their source

Begin we, marching on in this obstacle course

Lustrous lives in exercise of true faith in God

Down that old painful path shall we never trot

Forgiveness in life do we feel in our hearts

One life together never to part

Split down the middle quivering pain

Parted the heavens, forced it to rain

Burned out the anger, cooled off the fear

Setting me in the same spot the next year

New opportunities, gifts galore

Blessings that flow right out of my pores

Remember I love you and never forget

If it’s love you are giving, it’s love you will get

Advancing in stages I embark on my plight

Reciprocate love and teach what is right

Repairing my heart the best way I can

To go from I will be to being ….I am

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one on 2/15/05...been saving this to implement it

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