your selfish ways helped kill our kids

your cheating ways i will not miss

your brittle mind that dissed my body

your melting words downgrading this hottie

your inability to love me truly

your constant need to behave unruly

your mental deprivation of motivation

your intellectual lack of stimulation

your need to use my love to please

your sadistic witless sexual needs

you're over there screwing her

you're telling me you never were

you're doing it right in my face

you're forcing me to lose my grace

you're willing me out of life's race

your smile is not enough to soothe

your imperfect wife from behaving uncouth

you're forcing me to lose my cool

and that's why i need to let you go

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love you dearly but cannot handle your method of loving me any longer.....

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