naughty ramblings

i love him so much, i'd be his side chick, but he won't let me and that's why i am IN love with him

i'll do all that is requested heart and mind invested and have not second guessed it


lighting my moon, he IS my sun and our journey has just begun won't slow down since i'm not done

showing and giving our dreams a real chance there was a real deep meaning behind our dance

i only wish my eyes could have glanced as deeply as our bodies swayed and pranced

nevertheless i felt him and i loved him as he loved me even though he set me free

it's lonely fluttering here alone afraid of those who want to bone because their laps are not my home and in their eyes lies are shown

i need his heart to soothe my own not to sway my thoughts but to love me back until i am caught in his spirit

like he is in mine.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am in love but he doesn't know i love him back.... sux

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