Untitled -- 12.27.2006

How can I beg to cling to you

And behave like I am invisible

Prancing and trancing around the town

Thinking it’d never find you in the crowd

Refusing to revamp my innermost self

Yet expecting you to give me all of life’s wealth

All I know is I want to just do as you ask

Accept who I am and continue my task

Open up all my wounds now and let you put the salve

On this woman whose family has been sliced in half

I repent and you help me to show how I’ve grown

As your love and your peace never leave me alone

To ponder the reason, the right or the fray

Or to learn how to build up and lift up His name

Dear Lord God almighty highest Praises to thee

Hallelujah and giving glory since the day you set me free

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