Chance attachment


Said that you love me watch me suffer from a distance

 I saw so much pain you offered no assistance 

expect for me to love you back from meeting you for an instance 

when everything we are is intertwined e through rhymes and minstrel


Sure from the other side of the world I can see the connection

 and no one like we two could ever share the affection 

The problem is you are feeling for direction 

instead of giving it requiring more than simply following the perfection of your erection 


Clean slate is all I’ve ever been for and to you 

if you ask me for a point of view 

I’ll give one to you because it’s due you 

doesn’t mean it’s one that’s true to you 

since distant touch won’t quite make its way to you 

King leads the Queen pillow talks and big plans 

Queen follows King protecting her man

No others can be for pawns have a span


My dear cant you see I’m still waiting...I am