Those Arms

I love him because he holds me when I need his arms. 

Opens his mouth and I heed is charms. 

He keeps me safe from all alarms.... 

Those arms,

 so strong and so deliberate in the way that they embrace 

changing the expression of everything, Saving Grace 

showing haste

 just want to paste every part of me to him...

 I hold my breath hoping for a brand new whim

 to be them...

 Or we... 

Hold me 

cuz it sets me free

 I know that he just can't believe

 it's his arm and

 it's right because

 this heartbeat 

drums along

 reminding me there's nothing wrong 

with loving him

 so I do

sometimes it's unfathomable

 I drive myself from miserable

 to mystical

 too into you 

so let me do 

what you want me to 

hold me till I shine with you.... 

LOVE.... Lol

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just love hugs.... Lol

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