Mhmmm (do you really mean that?)

naughty ramblings

I want to rub the new off of you 

that is why I call you my boo 

 let passion friction and angst tickle your spirit and make your skin glow

  for what reason only two of us know 

  I want to be more than just some hoe


The way that I'll dig into you 

will make you feel invincible 

cuz babe you know it's only you 

I'm doing these things to 

you need to be my standby toy 

the only one that brings me joy 

that soothes my anger at childish ploys 

who truly never annoys 

I'm telling you because I see 

and really like the way that we




no longer she and he 


but we 


damn baby can't you see


 there's layers below this blush 

 I'm the one who's built for such 

 just with you so let's smoke a Dutch

  as you get a clutch 

  I feel you from beyond your touch

   there's more to us so it's never too much


I want to be on some beautiful shit

Not just some suck you off and lick and flick

 but the real thing with no words to describe it


 now wouldn't that be sick?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Regard means more than title in love