naughty ramblings

Can we experiment in the sacrament of our indulgent flesh
I dig on you, you dig in me until you say I'm the best
We fall in lust and then some love is had Cuzz we're on that vibe
We just don't stop so in us what we do could create a tribe
I'm your smile you're my heart you can earn your piece
Just don't stop our slow groove vibe that doesn't cease
Jingles high beyond sound this music we make
Opens lives to new heights as we make our stake
Touch that spot just for you soothe this throbbing ache
I don't need a bandaid just some gentle touch
That builds into that such and such
Slow and steady but I need a bunch
Sit in your lap but do more than hunch
Would you eat me for lunch
What you got is that thing I want
Floats in my mind as memories taunt
I love the way you haunt
Since everything begins somewhere
You take your time and truly care
What I think or if I'm there
Not into blow up doll swears
Captain obvious is just a game 
but you don't play cuz you're not lame
Won't put me down to protect another 
not on our level this body you'll hover
Watching my face reassuring me I can take that good dick you fuck me deep
Waking me up but I need no sleep
I heard what you said, I'll always oblige
Since that fellow you are is so very wise
We talk that real talk if clothed or in bed
You know not to ask for your spot in my head
Smooth intelligent wise and into me. You do exist, but where could you be...
I just want to meet you and see if we click if you are the one who is my kind of slick
Can I slide you on and we just do us? Can you not be married... That is a must lol
I would be your Bitch, that one you trust
The one you refer to as that's just US!
I say to you for real i want that stuff
Got me bout to describe what I'm thinking of
Talk that fits mind, stroking from behind
Somebody I can talk to who won't be unkind
Therapeutic education, Jacobs ladder cluster touch
We stay ever hungry for each other that's the clutch
Digging to find what we like so much