what a difference 10 years can make

a new generation of folks came up behind me. 

They learned dis attachment practice a form of polygamy.

We forgot to show them why we are great, they see the lessons we learned too late. 

We shielded them tooo far Numbed their hearts to all our scars. 

They hear less than half of what we say which is evident in the way they chose to proceed. 

Many endure hardship and loss opting for simple amenities and smoking weed. 

You need at least 3 brain cells to kill one, but it would be best to take stock of how life has become 

upgrade the mentality realizing and living in our spirituality to gain the greatness that they claim to seek. 

At 13, you are not fully grown, your bones are still weak. 

So let those ears be open to wisdom and what is right, possibilities of change shine different lights, live it and diminish the strife

and little boys, you can't play no more if you take his life.

Dysfunction can be fixed yet it has its place, teaching closeness and forging bonds that cannot be erased.


Darlings know no one can take your place, and being you is all you have to face. 

Through it all certain folks will never peel from you even when the world looks invisible.

Yet those are not always who you think they will be, they are always the ones you need to see. 

Transparency's depth is a choice, you do not always have to use your voice to clarify the world's view on you.


Only God can judge you, so why give man the chance to ponder what to do?



To strengthen your views, your 'bones, heart and mind', you have to be willing to put in the time. 
Know where you came from to know where your going means you will more clearly see how the grass below your feet is growing. 
Your garden is your life so make sure it is green, your creativity keeps this world way less mean by keeping it clean. 
Show love and move freely seeing all are one. 
Our ancestry shines light on our place in the sun!

There is no true division when we dig far enough back, we came from the same womb 



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