fix it

i can see what you can not see

though i am not you and you are not me

how we both desire to be free

we were told it is all a big freebie

but we got here and paid some grand fees

blinded to the forest by the trees

so our kids could have lives that are curse free


made our own mistakes adding in to the mix

we profess to be adding our own new fix

where's the love that we are claiming to have for them

they are repeating our mishaps and we are letting them

what we accepted is where it begins

saying nothing as they add their own little spin

playing childish games we can't begin to win


when did we become those who have no voice

letting babies be grown following our bad choice

to the point they are and destroy our only gift

a new chance to get right what once caused the rift

they do what they see but a filter is to sift

to upgrade a life makes realities shift



generational curses embraced for good measure

will not in this life yield souls any


what it really does is rob us of what we should treasure

no more teaching and loving at our leisure

is it wrong to believe if behaviors don't change

the walk of this journey will get rather strange

i am talking the stuff they make movies about

let's not ponder this but let's work this thing out....

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