my music

You want to be my music
Cuz you are jealous of the grind and the time

Not sure you can handle the pressure or the heat
This rub is close and harder than ride my behind

There is not a man born who can handle that kind of dedication
It is pure love with no masturbation
No lust to cause oversaturation
It is all day and all night
Not ever giving up until we get it right
Deeply inviting and accommodating yet too soft to stay inside

Because it hold on so tight you'll forget you want to ride
It rides you

Until you are dry yet still want more
But you can't and I'll get bored
Needing to have it more and more

Trust me no man born can handle the pressure of my music

It sings with our without you
And I follow what it needs to do 
To let it be what is true

You want to be my music
Without understanding my music is my point of view.....

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