short poems

demonic posession burnt in my eyes
horrific confessions curse my demise
the terror of dying takes me by surprise
my journey is burdened with remorse and dispise
calculating the seconds as i recognize
time isn't stopping, this i realize
unpure and filthy behind my disguise
the stentch of the sulfer attracts all the flies
intently i listen to Lucifer's lies
with fierce leather wings, i take to the skies
dropping bombs on the innocent as i pass them by
rewarded by screams and furious cries
wielding my sword, each person gets sliced
structures are crumbling. the flames start to rise
i take pleasure in killing as humanity dies
earth becomes cured of the plague of mankind
to reign in this Eden is our coveted prize
Hell will relocate to this paradise
all of God's creatures will be sacraficed
with anarchy and chaos, we cross the line
this legion of devils, demons and swine
a victorious day. our destruction of time
God's precious creatures paid the ultimate price
the blood covered ground and the ashes are nice
Satan's so proud to beat God at His fight
the soot and smoke cause a permanent night
the First Fallen Angel has proved He is right
God's been defeated. he's laid daown His life
Purgatory, Hades and Hell shall arise
a re=occuring nightmare I've just described

Author's Notes/Comments: 

june 7, 2009, 10 am, it's written in red ink everytime i write it because i originally wrote it in red ink... which i sorta took as an omen because all my other pens had run outta ink that day. it was really hard to write this but i'm proud of how it turned out.

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