on the run


you lost it all
not all was lost
dues paid in full
but at what cost
trust is empty
when you have none
tired of living
life on the run

verse 1:

wandering for far too long
loudly singing angry songs
of all the times that you've been wronged
and why you don't belong

verse 2:

memories of yesteryear
never will you shed a tear
there's nothing left of you in here
nothing left but your fear

verse 3:

pictures have gone up in flames
you've since forgotten the names
of those who accused you of blame
nearly drove you insane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

march 15, 2011, 2-6am, written one homeless and freezing fucking cold night sitting in front of stores and game rooms hoping that someone would give me a fucking cigarette and a pepsi and not try to proposition me for prositution. ewe gross. anyways... it's one of the most honest songs i've ever written and i plan to someday sing it in public... but we'll see.

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