verse 1:

i've been running for so long
i forgot what i was running from
everything i do is wrong
i don't know what i've become


maybe i am a disease,
an oucast, a misfit and a total jinx
everyone is afraid of me
so i cry alone
with no one to hold
will someone love me please
this loneliness is killing me

verse 2:

filthy and withered and starting to burn
my muscles are aching from the freezing cold
when, god, when's it my turn?
suffering through life has gotten old

verse 3:

so now i beg you with my restless soul
to be my family and love me
(it's) too bad that it's already been sold
satan pollutes the universe with me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

january 22, 2011. i wrote this after a discussion with a trucker who beleives i am a jinx. no one had ever called me a jinx before. been called lots of horrible names over the years but being called a jinx really got to me and thus this stupid song was written. i can do better though

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