short poems

i think you're pathetic
that's right, i said it
gotta make sure you get the credit
maybe it's time to just accept it
beleiving the lies because you're fed it
following anything you're led in
never once thinking to question
if that's the path you should be treadin

i'm wrong 'cause i won't stand in line
march with you and keep in time
well i've still got answers to find
and victory will be mine
you're comfortable following lies
you purposefully chose to be blind
but i'm not allowed use of my eyes
guess what i see has you terrified

people like me get burned at the stake
by fear fueled fools and heads of state
who insist we conform or be made to face
the penalties of not falling in place
the real punishment is becoming a fake
and idea i simply can't relate
to a sea of losers who think it's great
to let their lives go to waste

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ocotber 15, 2010, friday, 9pm-10:15 pm, and i mean every fucking word of this.

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