white girl rap... lol... untitled

you say i'm past dwellin

constantly sellin a felon

contradicting myself in

all the stories i'm tellin

how bout ya quit fucking yellin

kicking me while i'm failin

you know i should be excellin

cuz my talents compellin

you need a lyrical spellin

stop this train from derailin

the only smoke i'm exhalin

from addictions i fell in

nothing for show, just tellin

see to believe what's unveiln

need proof, try emailin

leave behind people bailin

you assumed i'd been snailin

keepin all of this held in

i'm hell bent on rebellin

blazin my own trail in

i want the world to hear it

every rhyme and lyric

cuz i'm in the spirit

has it gotten clear yet

so stop sayin you wanna say it and say it already

one two three take it steady


skeetered geetered repeater

you really should meet her

there's no one else sweeter

and no one else meaner

she's a sociopathic serial killer clown

with 6 eyes and her head down

she's always clownin and frownin

she'll bring ya down man

i think i'll go drown her

wait did i just say that


i'm so excited i found this

rockin out this new outlet

of artistic expression

and subliminal messages

perpetrator... alas! i was a hater.

til mock-one and highateus made her

listen to creators

of words that would cater to her and relate to it

twisted up lyrical shit

and a new way to deliver it

i haven't quit spittin it since

it's gettin intense

oh shit. is this the end of it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hung out with local fort worth hip hop artists, mock-one and highateus over fourth of july weekend. they made this rockstar finally appreciate rap as an art form. although we only spent the one weekend hanging out and ended up deciding NOT to be friends, they inspired me to write the most difficult thing i've ever written... well so far anyway... it took me a day and a half to write this. i wrote it directly to those two hip hop artists... mock-one and highateus. my hand hurt for three days from writing for almost 8 days straight... everytime i get around other writers and lyricists... alot of crazy stuff comes out of me. :)

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