path of self discovery


this misdirected moment

let's the confusion set in

some truth filters through

as clarification begins.

some sort of choice

will eventually surface

but you're too clueless

to understand real acceptance.

why do you worry so?

i can take care of myself.

there's no guilt in my actions,

at least nothing to tell.

it's time to give into the idea

that i don't really need you.

i've made it this long

on what i've learned to be true.

my knowledge gained thus far

hasn't been handed to me.

i've earned each of these scars

from lessons forced upon me.

why do i feel so alone

on a planet swarming with insects

eating away the evidence

of a world that should've existed.

allowing ghosts of the past

to suffocate any hope of the future,

ripping away at the spirit,

misleading the mindless and unsure,

promising castles of gold in the clouds

for the blind and faithful to follow

or damnation in a flaming eternity,

leaders caught in the shadows and swallowed,

enveloping any orignial ideas

in desparation and fear,

choking away the messages

meant for the meek ones to hear.

the path is laid before me

offering directions of the lost

of the travelers who've come before me

and all the souls that it cost

while all along the sides

rests undiscovered land

waiting for a rebellious soul

to create a virgin path.

never step in someone else's prints.

don't do as the others do.

be not afraid to know yourself

to learn the truth about you.

don't be so quick to fall in line

since the end is always the same.

seek the answers and question everything.

don't be catagorized by your name.

your ancestors got it all wrong.

did they pass on anything real?

the next generation is even further

from knowing exactly what to feel.

over the last hundred years

all human connection has faded,

losing the love, forgetting the emotion,

so anyone left feels distraught and jaded.

what sort of place has this become

where no one believes in peace and faith

where the only guarantee in life

is everyone will endure ultimate pain.

burdened with obstacles and short-comings

i realize my fate is dark.

damn, my determination and hope

all my strength fueling this heart.

no matter how bleek it may seem

i just can't give up so easily.

i was made a fearless leader

unable to accept any sort of defeat.

God didn't step down to Earth

to point me towards a worthless life.

He tried to show me a righteous love

that could guide me to live right.





as the world continues to crumble

and disappear into the pits of Hell

there are sparkling lights everywhere

indicating there's still stories to tell

of people who refuse to give up

who chose to search for the truth

committed to spreading love and peace

encouraging a serious discovery of you

in hopes that you'll find a purpose

learn the reasons for your birth


do something powerful while here on Earth

strive to reach the gates of heaven

have something to teach your children

give more than you've ever gotten

learn to forgive yourself for your sins

create a future to be proud of

enstill dreams and goals in yourself

be who you are meant to be

such a mission you should NOT fail.

nothing is more important than this

the incredible path to who you really are.

the journey may be rough or trecherous

but will lead you out of the dark

and into the light you are meant to see

with warmth on your skin and face.

you're glowing now with ideas

flourishing within and filling the space.

the emptiness that once consumed you

has become a blury memory.

now your chin is high, chest out

with confidence and curiosity

you turn towards your next journey

smiling at the possibilities ahead

people you'll meet, things you'll learn

on your quest to cheat death

rather than wasting your breath on lies

or your time on drama and fights

you plan to compliment everyone

point them in the direction that's right

turning left could end up disasterous

turning wrong could finalize the mission

you've got alot to learn so you can teach

the true meaning and purpose of existence.

if you live and die without ever learning

or passing on valuable information

then your time on Earth was pointless

you'd better have an explanation

cuz God is omnipotent and infalable

which means you have no choice

but to live the way he means you too

use the gift of a powerful voice

share what you discover with everyone

they'll get the message that's meant to be heard

the people who ignore you or deny you

just might not be ready for your words.

any useless informtation will wither

and get jumbled in the mess

only the truth will make it through

don't worry about what you should forget

let the answers flow through your soul

never try to fight it or deny it

we are all messengers of God

even if we don't always get it.

well, i've made a decision

to accept the annoyances of others

in order to revel in the blessings

of everything that i've discovered.

i'll not be frustrated by misscommunication

or give up educating my ideas

continually feeding my theories

and making my point clear

that i'm a super hero send by the Gods

to understand my purpose and share

the truth of our individual missions

though it's in our nature NOT to care

to disconnect ourselves from each other

to accept failure before we even try.

i can't just exist without being special

i can't have wings and not learn to fly

i'm given opportunities to excell

be successful in everything i do

to understand the information

and deciphor what's fake from the truth

i won't stop trying to get this through to you

because the will of God compells me

allow these ides to soak in your mind

give yourself a chance to finally see

you are not alone now matter how lonely

every single soul has purpose and worth

and the ability to discover the truth

of our existence on the ill-fated Earth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dunno man... i was way high. i think i lost my point at some point. may have even changed subjects. it's really friggin long though. my longest work yet. even longer than the trilogy which i haven't posted yet. dec. 17, 2009

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