lost in a sea of strangers

pushed through monantonous crowds

crushed beneath the oblivious people

unheard, though i scream and shout

reaching out, yet touching no one

though shoulder to shoulder, unable to move

i'm crammed in with all the others

amongst the masses packed in this room

so many humans, though humanity's gone

without compassion or love for each other

shoved in a space not near large enough

not one able to recognize their brother

our world's filled with painful emotions

turning so quickly to fury and hate

suffering; these men, women and children

locked behind this huge iron gate

trapped together like a boat full of slaves

unwilling, unable to fathom the truth

of the horrors that await us tomorrow

and none of use have an idea what to do

if only; if only we could work as a team

we could manipulate the group's massive weight

like and ocean of waves pressing the shoreline

we could all move as one to bust down the gate

how simply our freedom culd again be ours

if i could just get them to hear me

but my ideas are drowned out by the panic

fear and containment turned us into a beast

so the clammering of the frantic continues

my answer to salvation is unheard

the room grows tighter with this idiot mob

as i'm stampeded by the monstrous herd

humanity, compassion, love for they nieghbor

all gone when fear invades the human race

leaving no room for a leader to take over

redirect them and prove their fear is misplaced

show the masses they can work as one

return to them the love God intended to feel

remind each one to care for the other

and inform them that the gate isn't real

it's all been a figment of grouped hallucination

brought on by panic, terror and fear

it could've been avoided if they'd just remember

God meant for us to care for each of us here

he build this planet to encourage an idea

that seeds could grow and love could sopread

but we so enormously failed Him

and each of us all deserve to be dead

this room which we are suffocating in

it's huge iron gates and unpenetrable locks

is purgatory, the waiting room to Hell

it's too late now, armeggedon can't be stopped

as the panic takes over, a silence shall fall

one by one, we begin to realize our doom

falling to our knees with a desparate last prayer

each person now knows the purpose of this room

to reconnect us, each, with our maker

and remind us to cherish the rest as our brother

second chances are rare and we MUST take heed

the gate disappears as we turn to each other

with smiles and huges, we remember the plan

that God meant for us to be an extension of love

returning it to both Him and each other

and live life fullfilled by our Father above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7-25-09 this is a metaphorical poem with a message that i'm not completely on board with. it was the first poem i ever wrote about a subject most people are either sheeps too or shepards of or the hungry wolves or the grass the sheep eat. it's rediculous. cuz people spend so much time arguing the bible and jesus and all that shit when they're bible quoting asses can't ever get the point right. God built man to love and worship Him. man was being a total dueche and fucking up. he needed a way to communicate because if a leader could just get a word in edgewise in a screaming panicy mob of non-listeners maybe He could remind man why He made us (that by the way is the only reason he sent jesus... not all the other bullshit bible thumpers will spit at you.) god wanted to talk to his kids. and we were too busy running ourselves over and fucking up that we couldn't listen to reason. hell we were making such a racket we couldn't even hear at all. so he had to send a leader who could convince the herd of clammering idiots that if we move together in love instead of "every man for himself" then we're more likely to succeed. (btw until we do, we'll continue to fail) the crammed in together shoulder to shoulder... yet touching no one... parts came cuz of the first few minutes of the movie crash. "we're all in such desire need to contact and connection that we all just crash into each other to feel anything at all" that shit fucked me up and i wrote this. so it's a message. maybe not one i totally believe. but it's one that the masses believe and sometimes you gotta suck it up and either flow or at least not go against the herd or else you'll get trampled. lol. it was my first attempt at metaphoring earth, god and man while using common man's beliefs and ideas instead of my own.

if you don't like it or understand it at all. that's ok. cuz most people don't. i've grown since then though so give me a chance. lol.



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