her journey


here comes a weary traveler

with blisters on her feet

feeling lost and helpless

she falls to her knees

to thank God for her courage

determination and faith

to continue her journey

with all her honor and grace

she won't give up so quickly

never lingers too long

learns any lessons available

til she finds a place to belong

everywhere she's ever been

she tried to make a connection

to feel out her surroundings

for any form of affection

even though she gets rejected

from any common ground of man

she still believes in second chances

and little footprints in the sand

she cannot let pain and loneliness

conquor the hope she feels

she walks a path that's hers alone

it's the only thing that's real

without fear of what's to come

and no worry in her eyes

she gladly walks with blisters

onto the next surprise

each day, she has an adventure

exploring anything that's new

obstacles, trials and tribulations

have become something fun to do

she knows that it won't be easy

but a challenge makes her feel alive

she was never meant to conform

to a life she couldn't survive

being somewhere too long, bores her

she quickly begins to feel caged

she feels a sickness rising

tries to control her fits of rage

but there's a monster inside her

she's so afraid to unleash

because she's seen the wreckage

she knows the strength of the beast

which is why she tries so hard

to find peace whereever she goes

she'd much rather live to be happy

while deep inside, her fury grows

ah... but she knows of great power

that God granted to all of mankind.

freedom of will. she has a choice

to journey forth. leave it all behind.

she'll take any blessings

any memories woth keeping

then slip into the shadows

while the others are sleeping

steel away in the wind

her only compass so far

see where it takes her

a new journey starts

hope and curiosity calm

the monster she holds inside

she travels onto the next venture

tucking away the rage she hides

then offering the world a vision

of a traveler living on faith

that someday she'll find peace

to match her strength and grace

she may forever be searching

for love, acceptance and where she belongs

she's driven by faith in her purpose

to quickly recognize the wrong,

the negative or unuseful...

all just the devil's tricks

to distract her from what's important

or try to make her forget

that her travels are genuine

and promise rewards at the end.

if she never gives up

she'll eventually make real friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ok i wrote this and didn't look at it again til fourth of july. a friend said it coulda been a novel or short story and he wanted more details. he wanted to know if it was about me. i laughed because mostly when i say "she" i am actually talking about me. when i use "I" i'm not always talking about me. rather than point the fingers at my accusers and those i accuse, i tell the judge it was all me. it's kinda a strange mentality i like to use in my writing so that no one 100% knows what I really meant thus giving the readers the chance to interperate it in a way they can relate to. her journey though... truthfully... the entire thing is about the HULK. and how friggin simular my life is to the HULKs. "just leave me alone. i can't be controled. i'm good inside. i love. i don't wanna hurt people. but people hurt others by nature. and since everyone HULK meets eventually cause a negative feeling... just leave me alone... but then the loneliness weighs on big ole HULKs shoulders. and we start to desire human companionship and connection." the only part of the poem that i directly took from my personal life is the last 2 lines. "if she never gives up she'll eventually make REAL friends"

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