save me

verse 1:

this fury that i hide

stays bottled up inside

the jar lid's screwed on tight

and tucked away within my pride

will i blow up or will i cry

or can it be contained this time

i keep asking myself why

cuz i can't stand this way of life


still i live------

with a damaged and hollow soul

it make me cringe------

each time i lost my self control

and here i sit-----

with the fear i'll always be alone

can someone save me

verse 2:

i'm screaming to no avail

and crying out for help

from this personal hell

can't do this by myself

no one's even here to tell

these walls have become my cell

even though my efforts fail

i keep reaching for someone else

verse 3:

my anger turns to pain

fueled by my growing rage

only agony remains

and it's driving me insane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my favorite of my punk songs.saturday 8-22-2009. used to perform this with a folk-punk-indie dup thingy i was fooling with called P.A.R.K. Punk Ass Rebel Kids. we didn't last long. i didn't like the combination and the direction the music was going. plus he had no problem with my drug abuse but a huge problem with my drinking. weird. anyways...

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