the trilogy--- (my favorite work ever)


part 1:

destruction of truth

false segments of time

lost memories in mind

hidden where i can't find

desperately falling behind

purposefully missing

The pieces in play

The games I’m not winning

I must seize the day

Destruction of truth

Glued together with lies

Forgotten by loved ones

Whom I’ve learned to despise

No tale has been honest

Thought riddled with holes

The bodies are piled up

With no place to dispose

Disgusted with all this

Stomach writhing in pain

From the bullshit I live through

Increasing disdain

Hatred consumes me

It’s the path that I chose

There’s no use in fighting

I’m destined to lose

Crawl out of the shadows

Exhausted with fear

Faces of anguish

Drenched by their tears

Gather the holy

To provide us with hope

That something bigger is out there

Just teach us to cope

Regretting the sadist

Who pried in my brain

Psychosis is simple

Certifiably insane

On whose rules do you state this?

Who says that it’s true?

Ever think I was normal?

Didn’t occur to you.

That framed piece of paper

So you’ve got a degree

Doesn’t prove that I’m crazy

You’re wrong about me

My soul is so solid

Still my mind is intact

Body doesn’t give into

Your idea of a fact

I’ll never believe that

Or forgive your ideas

I know who I am

Dry up my lone tear

My strength is astounding

Desire to conquer

Won’t let you destroy me

Fighting hard not to falter

With this promise I’m given

To never taste defeat

I grab “hold my bootstraps

Determined to compete

Grinning and fearless

I start down my path

To meet with my enemies

And show them my wrath

Armored by honor

And headstrong commands

They’ll never see me coming

They don’t stand a chance

My weapons are deadly

Precision in the kill

I’ll be victorious

Slaughter my fill

No time for remorse

Fuel my immanent hate

This battle for my future

Won’t be left to fate

I must know the answers

Learn the truth of my life

For that moment of rapture

Cuz I don’t want to die

Disregard the demons

Taking over the night

Sit beside him in heaven

Glorified by the light

Part two:

Conscious mind

Suppose you could care

What it is that I think

Sit and listen to stories

Get  lost in the drink

Fade in and out

Of our conscious mind

A body is useless

Left unsatisfied

Pry into my secrets

These dungeons so dark

Forgotten the past lives

Lit by the spark

What lessons were learned

To follow the rules

Or make up some new ones

And live like such fools

Discard the old

Break in the new

The search can

T be endless

I must know the truth

Alone in my journey

Getting used to myself

Been grasping at nothing

Escaping from hell

Lead me out of the shadows

I lost my last guide

Confused these directions

Just us, side by side

Our future is fading

Unknown to us all

Shielded by armor

Thick with brick walls

Somewhere are the answers

You’d promise you’ll tell

Before earth is cast out

Taken over by hell

Is god just a creature

Immersed in his shame

Watching us all lose

At life’s little game?

Will he ever show mercy

To the innocent ones?

Forgive us our trespasses’

And pick up our guns.

My mind keeps erasing

What’s left of my dreams

Life’s not what I thought

Not at all what it seems

Still all my questions

Are thrown in the pile

Just sit here and listen

We’ll be here a while

Till earth stops it’s spinning

The sun ceases to shine

Will you have an idea

Of what’s on my mind

Part three:

Lost in the ears

Your ulterior motives

Are as obvious as my skin

Protecting these vital organs

Fed by such poisonous sin

Can’t fool the focused

Wasted time spent with you

Sacrificed the peace inside

All things done, we can’t undo

To late for wishful thinking

Why have yesterday in mind

My future glows with promise

What I want I’ll surely find

At least I know one fact

No one will ever stop me

Keep walking my own path

My only chance to live free

No matter the rules they give

Enforcers of ridiculous laws

We may not know the outcome

But we clearly see the cause

Perverted pleasures tease

As balanced by shyness and sham

No winners will be rewarded

If I’ve not announced the game

A sigh of desperation

Will drag me from my choice

Leaders of this administration

Will be stifled by my voice

My words, a resounding echo

To the farthest reaches of space

Lost in the ears of the close-minded

Sheep they heard with such disgrace

Ridiculed for uniqueness

Yet the individual earns praise

Communicate our misdirection

Seems we’ve finally lost our way

Does your anger know no bounds?

What of the messages which you speak?

I’ll forget you and say goodbye now

Gain strength lifting up the weak…

The end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the entire wwork was written in less than an hour during one of the most desparate times of my life. 2pm/ june 6, 2009. it's the most honest, real and truthful thing i've ever written. it involves alot of different aspects of my life, my past, my thoughts, all kinds of things... if i felt like typing all day. i'd publish the descriptions of certain lines in the trilogy pertaining to certain events in my life.

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