short poems

smitten. intrigued. interested. emotional.

i feared ever feeling this way again

my heart may not handle the next break

i'd rather avoid getting hurt at the end

but, oh, that sweet comfort wrapped in his arms

carressing the nape of his neck with my kiss

it's awsome and peaceful in his embrace

i cant think of anything more amazing than this

it sucks that i'm gun-shy and jaded by love

cuz i pull away when you offer yourself

the passion i crave also scares me to death

as much as i want this, i know i will fail

how do i stop this analitical mind

from complicating such simple instincts

damn our nature to commit to a mate

rush in like fools with no time to think

put my brain on alert just to sheild my heart

or let desire take over and see how it feels

excited. terrified. adventurous. dangerous.

must wait and see if this time it's real

Author's Notes/Comments: 

june 13, 2009

well the only comment i hav is that it wasn't real at all. in fact, it's never been real. only ever one-sided. either i was in love and it wasn't returned or they were in love with me and i wasn't feeling it. lov is complicated. which is why i try not to dabble in it anymore. i have m fellas and occasionally my girls, but i ain't trying to let my heart get involved anymore. it sucks too much and makes to big a mess of my life.

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