You Were My Life

Your Were My Life until It Ended.I Wanted To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You.Your Was The Greatest Boyfriend I Had.You Were The First One That Acturally Care.We Always Worked Things Out After A Fight.You Never Let Me Go To Bed Mad At You.If I Was To Hang Up On You You Would Just Call Me Right Back.You Was The One That Got My Over My First Love Dale Then You Took His Place.You Would Have Done With Anything For Me Even die For Me I Know That Because You Told Me That Yourself.You Told Me That You Love Me Alot And That You Was So Happy Wiht Me.You Told Me That I Was Your Life. You Told Me That You Saw A Ring You Like And Wanted To Get It For Me But Didnt Have The Money For It.I Just Wish Things Could Be Different As They Are Now.Now That You Gone As A Boyfriend I Cant Stop Thinking About You And I Dont Know Why.

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