Love You More Than Life

Listen close to all of my story.

Only, have me leave out parts of glory.

Vile is the poison of being away from you, but

Everything can be made just by all the things you do.

Yell at every change you get and tell of your good deeds,

Or come to me when feeling bad, and I'll help you through times of need.

Understand when you go through your life, reattempt 'till you succeed.

Meant to tell you yesterday,

Our time together is now compact.

Really wanted to see you today, but

Every plan we made, I must now retract.

Talk with me 'till we're both tired.

Have more conversation than is required.

Answer back when I ask a question,

Not leaving out a single mention.

Leaving without saying goodbye,

Is something that I wouldn't dare try.

For a second, you leave, and make me sore.

Eventhough you say the alternative, I still know I love you more.

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