Long Lost Love

Letting go of you was on of the hardest things I ever did

I loved you very much at one point

But we could never work together

I knew that deep down but I tried to force our pieces together

I was always so afraid of losing you

Even though when we were together it was always just fights

Yelling and screaming at each other for stupid shit

We couldn’t ever love each other right

When it was good it was intoxicating and I lost myself in you

When it was bad it destroyed me pushed me to the brink of insanity

We were a toxic kind of love

Impossible to ever keep together for long periods of time

But as crazy as it is I loved you in some fucked up way

Throwing dishes at you screaming about the girl you had in my bed

Nothing was ever right for long

I let my life wrap around you for so long

After we parted ways my life felt empty

Dating was a disaster after

It had been so long I was so awkward and unaccustomed to the dating scene

Coping with the emptiness in my heart I turned to things I’d never considered before

Getting high was the only way I could get your ghost to stop haunting my dreams

I was seeing you everywhere

Falling out of love leaves one person so broken they can hardly breathe

Turning to anything that will give me a break for just a few hours

I need to get over you

Writing this is my last goodbye my lover.


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