i said no

banging against the head board

the mattress squeaks beneath us

your hand is pressed against my neck

and i can't breathe

bite mark on your shoulder

and scratches all down your back

i guess i needed something

to hold on to

if i resist

take my wrists

and hold them against the bed

and tell me i'm a bad girl

this is what i wanted

this is what i asked for

you like it rough bitch?

dirty little whore

i've had too much to drink

and i can't think straight

how did this happen?

did i make him think i wanted him?

i just remember crying

and looking up at him

looking down on me

getting off on my pain

laying there naked and ashamed

while he put his pants on

and brought his fingers to his lips

and said shh

are we done now?

is it finally over?

can i go back to the party?

and pretend this never happened

keep it to yourself, keep it quiet

with the way you dress, the things you say

the boys you've been with

no one would believe you anyway

i'm crying while i write this

i haven't talked about it since then

and i don't really want to talk about it right now

except to set the record straight... i said no

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