A thank you note

I want to thank you for writing me last night. I had forgotten about that. I know you appreciate what Amanda and I did for you. We couldn't have done it for a better person. That was ten years ago. The truth is I had forgotten about it. But it does clear a few things up. I haven't talked to Amanda in many years. I hope she remembers and knows what it meant to you. Honestly, my friend, it was mostly her idea. She deserves so much more credit than I ever gave her. She got married some years ago. I met her husband, he seems like a good man. I hope he knows how wonderful she is. She deserves the absolute best. I wish I could talk to her. I suppose I could, all I need to do is call. She wrote me a letter. In it she said she missed my friendship and hoped I'd call or write. Of course, I never did. I don't have the heart for that sort of thing. I figure let sleeping dogs lay. After all these years, I've finally realized how wonderful she is. Amanda was always Amanda. I never had to wonder who I was coming home to. She was always consistant in her honesty and love. She stayed true to who she was. When I spoke harshly she never yelled or raised her voice. She didn't turn her back, she just looked at me, trying to understand. She never deserved the things I said near the end. I believe, or at least hope, she knew the words weren't about her but about my own frustration. Her family was good to me. I owe them so much. I should at least send them a card thanking them for their kindness and hospitality, so many those years ago. After I left, her mom wrote me regularly for almost two years even though I never replied, not once. You are my friend. I want to thank you for staying in touch and for reminding me of that night. I am happy that all is well with you. I am glad you have found love and will have a family soon. I can't think of anyone that would be a better father then you. I am grateful, so, so grateful, for what you wrote last night. May the new year find you and your loved ones well. I love you and think of you often.

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