To An Old Man Part 2

In the quiet hours

At the end of the day

Or in the night before dawn

I remember

I remember

A touch lovingly

Freely givin

A sigh, a whisper

In the dark

My son, my  son

Do you still breathe those words

A tree, pine from the forest

Pumpkin, picked from the patch

Slide, slide on wax paper in the park

Tadpoles in the creek

Truck, stopped at the light

Restuarant, on the hill

Rabbits in the cactus

Ball in the park

Model planes at the breakfast table

Friends at school

Mice in the barn

Did you know Tiger died a long time ago

Coyote near the fence

Paper in the driveway

You rescued him

But left us alone

I still have your boy scout patches

He drooled long before he slept

We loved him

Old fiesty cat

Nicky lays in someone else's backyard

Sam left with a snap

Because you loved us

I know that

Daquiri too

She is long gone

Old gray mare

But her son lives on

You know his name

I remember, he kicked us both

A ledge, on Thanksgiving day

Your memories will never fade away

Correct me if I'm wrong

You know

If it wasn't quite so

For I, well, I may remember wrong

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