I found in the dwindling light
Shadows drawing close
Movement quiet

Beyond the light
A soft whisper

More a thought than a word
Turn away

Don’t give it form
But it’s there again

A soft whisper
In shadows long
Flicker, movement

Walk on

Walk on
Do not give it form
It has not substance
No real thing

Now it's a voice
Almost clear

Almost real
The light is almost gone
And I

I am far from home.
A whisper sweet in my ear
Breathing heavy and damp 
The voice clear

Thought turned to substance
A dark truth clear
I turn from home 
My steps heavy and slow on an unclear path
Away from the future towards the dark
Turning from the path home

Not really a choice
More a need

A throbbing aching desire unleashed
And I am far from home.

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