Burned Alive - 'A Voice Against Honour Killing'

I’ve never scattered your hopes my father

I’ve never scattered your hopes my mother or my brother

But why did you burn me alive?

Tell me why you set me alight?

Why did you show your love to me?

If you were to burn me alive

What is your right over my life?

What is your right over my death?

I was always your obedient servant

I was always your sister your daughter

And it’s still your blood that runs in my veins

Though you are blinded by your foolish pride

Now when I look at my shattered skin

I always wonder,

Why did you give birth to me?

If you were to steal my youth from me

Why didn’t you strangle me when I brought disgrace upon you?

For the first time as an infant

For being born as the only girl

Amongst seventeen proud men

Is this my punishment?

For being born a woman

Or is this my punishment?

For making love to the man of my dreams

Or is this my punishment?

For perusing my own dreams

Or is it because it was never meant to be for me

Couldn’t you see?

I was to bring a life to this cruel world

It was your own blood who was burning inside me

did you feel your blood raging?

When you poured your anger and inhumanity over me

And set me alight

And watched me burning alive

Tell me how to forgive you

For watching me burning alive

Tell me how to forgive you

For watching my whole life shattering in front of your eyes

Tell me how to forgive you

For expecting me to die

Remember it was your will to steal my life

But still I am happy

And still I can hold my head high and utter

“I am free”

From the prison of your family with inhumanity and rage

The family which was never mine

To love or to be loved

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did you know that approximately over 6,000 women die within a year due to honour killings carried out throughout the world?
It should be understood that women possess equal rights as men for education and for all the other perspectives of life. The time has come to stop all these barbarian acts. The sad part about honour crimes is that, the decision to kill your own daughter or your wife is taken by the men in the family itself. What is the honour they get by killing these innocent women who struggle throughout their entire life? What is the honour the family gets by doing so?
Since the time women in these countries were born, they are being dominated by men and they are being treated worse than animals. Honestly not much people around the world know that these kinds of acts are carried out by certain countries of the world due to cultural and educational backgrounds. The sad part is, many of these acts are justified by the laws of the particular countries.
The time has come to be aware of this awful situation and this is the time to act against honour crime.
This poem is inspired by the book – “Burned Alive - Souad’

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