A few notes On Hernia Symposium

An interesting day has drawn to an end

Still confused, how a surgeon can mend

A simple hernia, an enigma so basic

Even google offers thousand solutions on a click

Devices,  plugs, or a simple stitch for umbilicus

Or just put a mesh to avoid the fuss

TEPPS, TAPS, the age old Leichenstein

Thank you all that suits me fine

Tailor according to your needs

Remember, the patients’ wishes supersede

Formulas, filaments, fibres and complex jargon

The search for the ideal mesh goes on

There is no dearth to what we can achieve

Only if the powers (mangers) above us believe

Thank you Ethicon for “the future of hernia repair”

Was discussed, debated and laid bare

Now we go on our separate ways

What we learnt, we pass to others I pray

Shehzad Latif


(composed during lunch break)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Recently attended a hernia symposium. At the end of the conference i summed it up in verse. Everyone loved it. Hope you enjoy it too.

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