Crayons ۞

General sɯǝod

I bought some gifts before going my home,
Among those, there was a little set of crayon!
I weighted the luggage, it exceeded the limit,
So I alighted some materials to keep it fit!
That set of crayon! I could not take with me,
Didn’t know, how I could take, how it could be!
In a shelf I put those crayons inside my room,
Returning back when I saw that, made me gloom.
It’s recalling the memory of those moments of journey,
By which I reached to my home, my lively destiny!
At least one year! I’ve to wait again to see my home-
By this time I’ve to adorn my colorless life alone!
Crayons can color a page that can be cut by a knife,
Who is going to add some colors in my lonely life?
Life goes on and certainly I’ve to go with the time,
I write my feelings in my poems build in rhyme!

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5th August 2008

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