Thunder Flush

General sɯǝod

Rain and thunder flush together,
Frightening me all the way,
Water and the roaring sound
Left me nothing to say.
O rain! Please stop now!
I have to go dear-
If you don’t stop
I can’t go, I fear!
Walking though the overbridge,
Without an umbrella,
Should I go or not-
I am in dilemma!
Ah! I have to go long way
But how can I move?
Stil I have to go there,
Or I can’t prove.
The prove of my love
Nothing left behind,
All I have spreaded
If you could really find!
I am shiverring with fear
Under the thunder flush,
Whenever it falls off,
Turns everything into ash!
My be my body, but-
What about my heart?
What about the passion or
What about my art?
The rain continues
And so the time,
Look at me please,
I am not that fine!
Don’t be heartless
Don’t be so cruel,
Don’t be so hursh,
I can not dwell.
Don’t judge me looking
Right at my outside,
Give some time and
Come into inside!
Here will you see,
A soft mind-
Encircled in a hard shell
Indeed not blind.
Don’t know if you will
Have that time or not,
Don’t know whether
Will I get the slot?
My time will finish faster
Than the rain fall on the ground,
When I will be no more,
Then you will be astound!
Started with the rain but
Ended with my heart,
Thunder flush from the sky
Fall on the earth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3rd December 2009

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