General sɯǝod

Enjoying every sip of my sadness

Along with the grief of melting sun

Leaves no trace on the beauty of muddy road

I take the oath, I’ll live forever

Diving blessing showered on

It was not me! Who enjoyed the spring tide

And the artificial wave, the fragrance of thee!

When I wished to set me free

I had the cup of the bitter reality

Where love is tossed with fate

I sip the sorrow but what if I hate?

Come, lets go for a date

May be for a second or even a fraction

Just an eye blink, with no worlds

Just give me a world with full of silence.

I’ll portray myself sipping the loneliness!

The burning question blowing me away

Scratching in the midst of skull-

Am I a fool?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7th January & 7th June 2017

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